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Digitax SF

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Digitax SF

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Digitax SF Servo Package

50 W - 2 kW
200 V
Analog or pulse train interface

Responding to the needs of customers requiring low powered precision servo solutions, Control Techniques has introduced the Digitax SF Servo Drive and Motor Series.

This servo package has a power range from 50 W through to 2 kW.

Cost effective, compact & versatile

The new Digitax SF servo solutions series integrates the Control Techniques servo portfolio with a compact, cost effective and easy to use solution for low power application requirements.

  • High performance drives with pulse train or analog interface and serial communication.
  • A range of light-duty industrial motors available in several inertia levels to meet different application requirements.

Robust & low maintenance

The Digitax SF servo solution is robust in harsh environments and low maintenance thanks to its ultra-low energy consumption magnetic encoder technology.

Easy to use servo drives & motors

Digitax SF is suitable for a wide variety of automated industrial equipment, such as semiconductor manufacturing, packaging, printing and textile machinery, as well as and other applications requiring speed, precision and accuracy.

servo package Digitax SF Drive and Motor




Digitax SF servo drive and motor package is a compact, cost effective and easy to use solution for low power application requirements, without compromising on performance.

Small and compact

The new servo drive comes in multiple sizes to meet the demands of industrial applications: 

  Dimensions (mm)
Drive Minimum Size

160 (H) X 40 (W) X 130 (D)

Drive Maximum Size

160 (H) X 84 (W) X 130 (D)

Motor Flange Size

40x40, 60x60, 80x80, 130x130


Fast, safe and easy to use

Rotational speed 2000 / 3000 r/min.

Motor Enclosure rating: IP65 or IP67.

Built-in keypad with 6 digit 7-segment status display for easy startup, parameter setting, and tuning.

The versatile analog or pulse train interface, offers easy integration with any PLC or motion controller.

Can also operate standalone using the on-board 16-point positioning table.

PC-USB interface for parameter settings, tuning, and status display in the dedicated software Digitax SF Connect.


Digitax SF Servo Drive specifications:



For detailed specifications, please see the Digitax SF brochure.


Digitax SF Servo Motor specifications:



For detailed specifications, please see the Digitax SF brochure

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